Sunny Shire

Sunny Shire has been supporting solar uptake in the Shire for several years, holding public information nights, and answering questions from the public.

The cofounders of Sunny Shire, Jonathan Prendergast and Jay Bayner, both work professionally in large-scale renewable energy industries.

Jonathan Prendergast is the technical director of Business Renewables Centre Australia and has worked on the UTS Power Purchase Agreement with 32 MW Walgett Solar Farm and 4.5 MW District Cooling Contract. Jay Banyer has worked in the solar, battery and electric vehicle space for over six years, including working on AGL’s peer-to-peer solar trading pilot and his own smart EV charging system.

Their advice has helped 170 Sutherland Shire households install 1,200 kW of solar, delivering over $2.5 million worth of investment in renewable energy.

Sunny Shire has also been working on best practice interest free loans for Shire community groups seeking to install solar, solar for schools, business, and battery bulk buys.

There is more information on their website:

Or on facebook


There is also the fantastic Sutherland Shire Solar facebook group, highly recommended if you are looking for answers to questions about solar.

Jonathan Prendergast is admin of this group – members are people who have solar and may know more about questions you ask

And the Sunny Shire website has further articles which may be of interest:

Please see previous Sunny Shire posts for other information that may be useful, and previous bulk buy initiatives:

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