Bundeena Energy Project

Sunny Shire is working with the Bundeena and Mainbar community to investigate the possibility of an energy project utilising solar and batteries to reduce costs and improve energy reliability.

A Bundeena-Maianbar solar group has been established for 3 years. Sunny Shire has facilitated many solar installations in Bundeena as part of its Bulk Buy, and many more in the broader Sutherland Shire community.

There are many reasons why a new energy project is possible in Bundeena:

  • New technologies such as batteries and solar are becoming more cost effective and advanced
  • New projects such as Community Mini Grids, Virtual Power Plants and Community Batteries are starting to be developed around Australia
  • There are several NSW and Federal subsidy and grant programs coming up that could support a project
  • Bundeena has a supportive community and has been an early adopter of solar
  • There are challenges in supply of electricity to Bundeena and Maianbar, due to its remoteness from the Sydney grid

Sunny Shire and the local community have limited resources to explore this potential, engage with the community and implement such a project. So it is seeking expressions of interest from suitability qualified companies who would like to work with us to develop this further.


About Sunny Shire

Community Energy concentrates on clean energy solutions for our local community. It empowers people to take action by promoting an increase in clean energy including, renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency. Community energy groups can play a variety of roles, from advocates and promoters of clean energy, to developers and owners of clean energy projects. Sunny Shire aims to bring community energy to the Sutherland Shire. This could: * Increase the amount of renewable energy in Sutherland Shire * Save households and business money through reduced electricity bills, strengthening the local economy * Increase energy independence and self reliance * Help shire residents and businesses better understand energy and our electricity market

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