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Sutherland Shire Environment Centre members send out two separate newsletter email updates, usually every month or so.

  • The main Environment Centre newsletter includes general information about Centre wide activities, campaigns, and events. Some of this information is also mentioned on our social media accounts, or shown on our event listings. Overall, the newsletter covers local issues relating to the environment which may be of interest to our members.

  • The Shire Climate Action Network (ShireCAN) group newsletter is a mix of local information, together with larger climate change related concerns, and updates about planned activities and actions. The ShireCAN group meets once a month to workshop ideas, and all are welcome. Check out for ShireCAN webpage for more details.

If you’re interested in our newsletters, and are not already a Sutherland Shire Environment Centre member, please also consider joining. Even if you’re not able to participate actively, the collective support of our members strengthens our advocacy.

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Email updates
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We also occasionally send out email updates about specific campaigns. If you'd like to receive updates about any of the campaigns listed below please tick the relevant boxes:

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