Active Transport

Imagine a safe, direct off-road bike and walking path from Sutherland to Cronulla! It’s getting closer… but it needs your help…

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre has been campaigning for a shared path between Sutherland and Cronulla since 2006. We originally suggested that the path be constructed as part of the Cronulla Rail Duplication project. Since that time we have continued to work on achieving this badly needed infrastructure for Shire residents.

Bicycles are the ultimate in clean-energy vehicles, with zero emissions and only a small amount of material required for their construction. Climate change and peak oil are two of the biggest issues we face as a civilisation.  Scientists around the world have been ringing alarm bells about these issues for years, and governments are finally starting to take notice. Billions of dollars are being invested in “green cars” and carbon-reduction schemes, yet bicycle promotion and infrastructure remains underfunded in many countries.

In May 2015, the State Government announced plans to support the project, saying the “Government is committed to the planning and design of this walking and cycling path between Sutherland and Cronulla as part of Sydney’s Cycling Future.

Sutherland Shire Council also recently purchased 168 Oak Road, Kirrawee in order to create a park – the site is a critical link in the safe off-road shared path between Sutherland and Cronulla along the rail corridor, and we’re very pleased Sutherland Shire Council gave consideration to our submission to incorporate the Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link within the new park, allowing the community to access and enjoy this new green space.

Convenor: Tassia Kolesnikow


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