The SCATL backpeddle – request a better Sutherland to Cronulla active transport link


Shire residents are being short-changed with the proposed new route.  The original planned and promised route was along the rail corridor.   Moving the path onto the side of busy roads is not safe or efficient for cyclists and there is no tangible improvement for walkers over existing footpaths.

SCATL was meant to function as the spine of a growing active transport network for the Shire, helping to ease the traffic congestion that is driven by the NSW government’s unrestrained approval of high-density housing.  Removing it from the train corridor and shunting it onto a busy road is condemning it to failure.

Tell the NSW government that the Sutherland Shire deserves better than this disappointing proposal.

How to have your say

1. Contact your State MP and Local Councillors to request the new proposed route be moved back into the rail corridor, to what was originally promised

CronullaThe Hon. Mark Speakman MP
Address: Suite 203, 30 Kingsway, Cronulla, NSW, 2230 (entry via Croydon Street)
Mail: PO Box 125, Cronulla, 2230
Phone: 02 9527 1477

Miranda – Ms Eleni Petinos MP
Address: 577 Kingsway, Miranda, NSW, 2228
Mail: PO Box 510, Miranda, NSW, 1490
Phone: 02 9525 6378

Heathcote – Ms Maryanne Stuart MP
Address: Shops 1 & 2 17 – 23 Station Street, Engadine, NSW, 2233
Mail: PO Box 183, Engadine, NSW, 2233
Phone: 02 9548 0144 or 0406 460 683

2. Send a message to Jo Haylen, the NSW Transport and Roads Minister via this webpage:

Points to include

We suggest that you state clearly upfront that you strongly object to SCATL routing that does not utilise the rail corridor. Here are some points that you might like to include:

  1. State your name and contact details
  2. Let them know that while you are pleased by State Government’s commitment to build SCATL, you strongly oppose their change from the 2015 rail-corridor aligned route.
  3. Provide brief reasons for your objection, some suggestions are:
  • The SCATL was supposed to follow the rail corridor.  The proposed new route is inferior, indirect and inefficient.  No convincing rationale has been provided for the change.  The original plan for the “Spine” of the route alongside the South side of the rail corridor should not be abandoned.
  • Hundreds of driveways and many intersections will need to be crossed on this new route, making it unsafe and reducing the efficiency for active transport.
  • Diverting the path to the busy thoroughfare of Kingsway make it unpleasant for walking or cycling and its hills and traffic signals will make it slow, inefficient and unsafe.
  • One of the least expensive solutions to the traffic congestion that the NSW Government’s unfettered approval of high density housing development in the Shire has created is the provision of a high-quality, safe and efficient active transport route along the rail corridor.  Smaller, less expensive connectivity to suburbs and services can be added after this crucial “Spine” is established.
  • It is safe and feasible to use a rail corridor for active transport as illustrated by the Como-Oatley and Parramatta to Liverpool shared paths.
  • Ask State Government to investigate the cost for building the 2015 rail-corridor aligned route using at-grade road crossings instead of bridges and tunnels. These extra features could be added at a later date.

Don’t forget to sign this petition!

More information

There is plenty of room in the rail corridor to accommodate a shared path. Have a look at this gallery of photos that prove it.

Bicycle NSW says the new proposed SCATL route is unsafe and needs to be changed. Details are provided in their excellent submission: The Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link: the case for a safe direct path.

Project information is available on the Transport NSW SCATL Stage 2 webpage.

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