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End of year picnic 2022!

It’s the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre catch up picnic, Sunday 4 December – please save the date!  It'd be so nice to just see people, catch up in person for a change, chat, relax and picnic. Everyone is welcome, especially new members, and your friends.

There are bbq's, picnic tables, and toilets.

A Rainforest Calendar Tour: Royal National Park

Royal National Park, NSW

Friday 18 November, 7:15am.
Deep dive into nature’s year, or the seasons of the rainforest. We’ll meet the beautiful and fascinating butterflies and birds which express the changing of the seasons in our local rainforests and ponder the relevance of the seasons on a calendar based on astronomical observations made by humans in Europe. This tour, led by bird expert and educator Ricki Coughlan, will be timed with the courtship of Satin Bowerbirds and nesting of the migratory Black-faced Monarch and sedentary Brown Gerygones, Yellow-throated Scrubwrens and Green Catbirds along with the fruiting of the forest and emergence of the beautiful male Wonder Brown butterflies.


COP 27 Protest – Stop Australia expanding fossil fuels, climate justice now!

Sydney Town Hall 483 George Street, Sydney

The climate crisis is already here. One third of Pakistan is under water, NSW is facing more flooding, Europe is seeing its worst drought in 500 years and China the worst drought in human history.
We need an urgent program of publicly-funded and owned renewable energy and funding for jobs and a just transition to rapidly cut emissions.

Join us to protest during COP27 on 12 November to demand an end to Australia’s fossil fuel expansion and the urgent action on climate change we need.
The COP27 global climate summit in November will see renewed scrutiny of the Australian government’s climate policies. The Albanese government has increased the country’s emissions reduction target to 43 per cent by 2030, but this is still far below that needed to keep warming to safe levels.