Rubber Jellyfish – Cronulla Fundraiser Screening

SO SHIRE and Sutherland Shire Environment Centre are hosting a special one-time screening of the film RUBBER JELLYFISH after picking up 100s of pieces of balloon debris from local beaches .

How does a helium balloon get from your hand to the digestive tract of a sea turtle? A new documentary by Carly Wilson explains how our celebrations are affecting for marine life.

Rubber Jellyfish examines the relationship between helium balloons and their impact on the world’s oceans, including the impact on six endangered species of sea turtles in waters around Australia, and considers safer, sustainable alternatives to helium balloons to use in celebrations.

All released balloons, including those falsely marketed as “biodegradable latex,” return to Earth as ugly litter. They entangle and kill countless animals and livestock through suffocation, strangling, and starvation by blocking digestion systems, and cause dangerous power outages. Balloons are also a waste of helium, a finite resource used in the medical industry. Balloons can travel thousands of kilometers and pollute the most remote and pristine places.

Helium balloons burst into the characteristic “jellyfish shape” so they look like turtle’s favourite food, and the clips have been found in most migratory shorebirds stomachs causing starvation, and the balloon strings can strangle unfortunate animals.

Join SO SHIRE and Sutherland Shire Environment Centre at GU Film House Cronulla Wednesday 5th December 2018 for a special one-time screening of the movie “Rubber Jellyfish” – examining the relationship between helium balloons and their impact on our oceans.

Local businesses and groups will have stalls and displays selling sustainable decorations and gifts, alternatives to single use helium balloons just in time for Christmas.

– tscudo (recycled plastic rash shirts)

– War on Waste Sutherland Shire ( lots of reusable and sustainable gifts and everyday items)

– Boomerang Bags Sutherland Shire (bunting and reusable bags)

Plastic Free Sutherland Shire –

Ocean Tidings –

8.40pm: Door Prizes –
1. Handmade and painted #boughttosupport Boomerang Bags created by Bundeena Primary School Students
2. Upcycled Bunting from @reversegarbage

8.45pm – screening starts sharp (79 minutes duration)

Tickets: Tickets available online and on the night sales:

Location: Cronulla Cinemas

Contact: Sarah-Jo Lobwein

More information:

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