How to use and install zoom

For zoom meetings you can use a computer, iPad, or a tablet.  To start, all you need to do is click on the meeting link.

Please make a note of the Meeting ID:

And Passcode, if there is one:

If you haven’t used zoom previously you will be asked to download and launch the Zoom software, so please allow a little extra time.


Click on the Zoom meeting link at the time the meeting starts or shortly before.

You may first enter a ‘waiting room’ before being admitted to the meeting by the ‘Host’. When entering the meeting your microphone should be muted to block background noise so you will not be able to be heard. You will still be able to hear whoever is speaking in the meeting.

You are free to leave the meeting at any time up until the meeting is closed by the host. You can do this by clicking ‘Leave meeting’.

If you’d like to watch a video tutorial about how to download zoom and join a meeting see:

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