Eco-savvy business – is that you?

Eco-savvy business is environmentally-sustainable business – business that operates in ways that, at best, benefit the environment and, at least, do minimal harm to it.

Why do we need eco-savvy businesses?

  • This planet is the only one we have! It’s not in anyone’s best interest to put in place business practices or sell products that damage it.
  • Products and services that are healthy for the planet are healthy for consumers. There’s always a market for healthy products and services and that market is growing.
  • Eco-savvy businesses draw on products that are sustainable rather than those that are dwindling (coal and oil) and that will increase in price as they become scarcer.

Eco-savvy business is the direction of the future.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager or customer, you can help foster the growth of eco-savvy businesses. Let’s work together to put the ECO into the ECOnomy.

Here are some ideas. You’ll see suppliers of environmentally-friendly packaging below.

Reduce waste

  • Choose packaging that can be easily recycled by customers (paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium).
  • Find alternatives to plastic bags (paper bags, reusable bags from recyclable materials, boxes).
  • Provide reusable crockery and cutlery in the kitchen, rather than single-use disposables.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Use cardboard stationery/folders/trays rather than plastic ones.
  • Use take-away cutlery made from bamboo rather than plastic.
  • Use paper straws rather than plastic ones.
  • Sell takeaway drinks in reusable cups or glass.
  • Don’t sell products packaged in foam.
  • Recycle your own waste.
  • Buy recycled products (eg paper).

Here are a few steps to put in place to help make business more eco-savvy.

Reduce waste

  • Where possible, choose products with no or minimal packaging.
  • Never use plastic bags when purchasing products for business. (Take your own.)
  • Source unwanted packaging from local businesses.
  • Purchase carbon-neutral office paper & use both sides of the paper.
  • Take shredded paper to the local vet to use for pets’ bedding.
  • Recycle paper, cardboard and all plastics we are able to.
  • Recycle batteries at Aldi and printer toner at Officeworks.
  • Compost all food scraps.
  • Chose ‘plastic’ bags made entirely from plant fibres (rather than petrochemicals), that are 100% compostable (details below).


  • Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products (bicarb soda for the bathroom; damp cloth for office furniture and Enviroclean floor cleaner).


  • Install north-facing windows to provide natural light and warmth in summer.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly paint.
  • Generate electricity from solar panels.

Here are some examples of manufacturers who provide environmentally-friendly packaging and cleaning products. We’re sure you’ll find more.



There are many more eco-savvy ideas that we can implement in the future – join us in making your businesses more environmentally sustainable.

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