Winner – Sutherland Shire Environment Centre’s inaugural Sustainability Award 2018 – Mr Paisleys Cafe

Congratulations to Mr Paisleys Café, winner of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre’s Sustainability Award in the Local Business Awards.

The Centre is delighted to reward you for your great environmentally-sustainable initiatives such as:

  • using paper and steel straws rather than plastic straws
  • using packaging made of corn (which can be composted)
  • giving customers free coffee grounds for compost
  • conserving energy and water
  • growing their own herbs
  • composting food scraps
  • selling discounted keep-cups, straws, cutlery and drink bottles
  • offering a mug library for people who forget to bring their own cups
  • recycling
  • educating customers about environmentally-friendly practices.

 We hope that the great example that Mr Paisleys has set will encourage other businesses to adopt eco-savvy business practices too.

 You can read more about Mr Paisleys café here –

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