The Botany Bay Moving Forward Workshop 2004


  1. To inform the community, government and industry of the range of multi-disciplinary research capabilities in the scientific community, with particular reference to problems and issues of the Botany Bay region and its catchment.

  2. To help DIPNR in the process of refining the information, research needs and priorities with the aim of developing a program for targeted research and information gathering.

Who Has Been Invited?

  • Those who love bays, estuaries and catchments

  • Those who study them or thier management

  • Those who have an interest in sustainability

  • Scientists, Planners, Local & State Planning

  • Regional Decision Makers

If you particpate, you will:

  • Meet a great network of experts and contacts on all aspects of the Botany Bay environment

  • Be involved in research activities

  • Be an active participant in the futire of Botany Bay and its catchment

Format of Program

Drawing on current knowledge and on the ongoing research activities, the present environmental status of Botany Bay and surroundings will be briefly presented.

This will be the starting point of discussions leading to research priorities and to establishing a working relationship with the community and various stakeholders.

Venue - Tyree Room, The Scientia, UNSW
28th February 2004, 8.30am

Please see the university's web page for location and details (middle campus):
Workshop Co-ordinator: Assoc. Prof. Alberto Albani

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