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2001 News Archive

New Proposal for Towra Spit Island

1 October

Sydney Ports Corporation have recently released a Review of Environmental Factors for works on Spit Island to create additional wading bird habitat detached from the mainland of Towra Point. The REF will be on public display until 13 November at NPWS offices at Kurnell and Hurstville, at Sutherland Library and at Rockdale Library.

Toxic Algae Found at Towra

19 April

It has been reported that the invasive algae caulerpa taxifolia which has infested parts of Port Hacking and Lake Macquarie has been discovered in Towra Point Aquatic Reserve. Caulerpa is an invasive weed which blankets seagrasses, is toxic to fish and thereby alters the marine habitat. It has recently been declared a noxious pest by NSW Fisheries. The NSW Government is currently looking at the most effective way to manage and control the pest. For more information visit the NSW Fisheries website Source: ABC, NSW Fisheries

Rare Sooty Turns Sighted

1 February

An adult and juvenile sooty tern have been sighted near Towra in recent weeks. According to reports, sooty terns have not been recorded in Sydney for 20 years, being primarily a seabird only coming to shore during the breeding season or bad weather. The sooty tern is listed as vulnerable under the Threatened Species Conservation Act. (Source: Daily Telegraph and NPWS)

To view an NPWS Information sheet (PDF) on the sooty tern click here.
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