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Meet Jens

Here is an interview conducted with Jens Albrecht, a visiting student from Germany. Hopefully we'll have a photo soon along with a short report from Jens. If you have any questions you would like to ask Jens, you can email them to us.

How old are you?
23 years old

What part of Germany are you from?
It is a little town in the north of the state of Hessen (Frankfurt is in the south of Hessen).

What degree are you studying and at what university?
The degree is called "Landscape Use and Nature Protection". Only the little
University of Eberswalde, northeast of Berlin, offers this kind of study.

How long is your practical training?
The University requires a period of seventeen weeks' practical training in the third semester.

What have you been doing as part of your practical training?
It's pretty different but a main part of the work is the high and low tide [wader] count in Botany Bay. Furthermore observing Little Terns on Spit Island, working with the Field Officers (e.g. fox baiting, Bitou Bush removal), some office work. The last four weeks I will hopefully get some experiences in radio tracking on waders.

How does Towra compare with wetland areas in Germany?
Some of the bird species are the same or similar as in Germany. But I'm pretty sure we have no mangrove areas I've seen in Botany Bay.

Is there any difference in the management of wetlands in Botany Bay compared to Gernamy?
It depends in which state of Germany the wetland is. Each state has it's own management and I can only compare it with the Waddensea National Park, where I have worked. There they have a "we do nothing" management in manythings, e.g. in respect of predators.

What have you enjoyed most about your stay here so far?
To make a bird count from a boat is very interesting and the making of low tide counts was also new for me. It was good to get knowledge of what impact alien species can have on native plants and animals.

When you return home what will you be doing?
Another 2½ years of studying are waiting for me!
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