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Potter Point

Photo: Daphne Salt

Potter Point is characterised by low sand dunes and a number of peat swamps and streams some of which flow on to nearby cliffs and rock platforms.

Potter Point has suffered in part by overlapping jurisdictions between National Parks and Wildlife Service and Sydney Water who own the section of Potter Point which is site to the clifftop sewage outlet.

Photo: Daphne Salt
Potter Point is a popular spot for fishing and surfing but has suffered significant degradation as a result of uncontrolled vehicle access to the area. Indeed Botany Cone, a large sand dune which lies directly east of Potter Point, has suffered greatly from the impacts of 4WD, motor bike and horse activity. The Draft Plan of Management for Botany Bay National Park suggests that future public vehicle access, cause of much of the damage, will be restricted to public roads and car parks.

In 1999/2000 a number of management actions were implemented to help improve the Potter Point area. In mid 2000, NPWS conducted a successful crackdown on motor bike activity in Botany Bay National Park and more are anticipated. In addition, in September 2000, Bovis Lend Lease, the company contracted to upgrade the Sewage Treatment Plant, undertook major works to upgrade the Potter Point access road and construct a new car park (below).
Whilst this does not guarantee that illegal access will not continue, it does provide a welcome improvement to the previous conditions.
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