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Calsil Dune

Calsil Dune (above) is one of the last remaining intact sand dunes on the Kurnell Peninsula. It rises 36m above the landscape and contains regionally significant native vegetation. This vegetation includes Kurnell Dune Forest which was, in 1999, listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act and is therefore of high conservation significance. In addition to its significant vegetation, the Dune is habitat to a large bat colony.

Calsil Dune is located on Crown Land and as with other non-reserved dunes on the Peninsula is constantly threatened by sand mining. Indeed sand from the dune system was used to replenish Kurnell's Silver Beach after serious erosion in 1970. The natural vegetation is also threatened by weed invasion.

Photo: Daphne Salt
Many community and conservation groups including the National Parks Association and Sutherland Shire Environment Centre have suggested that in order to ensure the long term preservation of the dune and its significant vegetation, it should be incorporated into Botany Bay National Park. Despite these suggestions, no reference to this management action has been included in the revised draft Plan of Management for the National Park. (February 2000)
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