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Bonna Point Reserve

Bonna Point Reserve is located on the far western end of Silver Beach and is bounded to the south by mangroves (above) which form part of Towra Point Aquatic Reserve and Quibray Bay. The Reserve is under the care, control and maintenance of Sutherland Shire Council and in 2000 was listed as one of the Shire's "Feature Parks". As a result of this listing, additional funding is made available for management of the Reserve. The landscaping of the Reserve is a component of the Masterplan for Kurnell being developed by Council's Kurnell Tourism Strategy Working Party.

There have been a number of concerns over damaging vehicular access to the Reserve and the adjacent wetlands, and Council are examing the use of fencing to control this.

Western end of Bonna Point Reserve
Photo: Daphne Salt

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