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Transport Vision Endorsements

Date Received Name Organisation Suburb Comments
14.03.03 Sutherland, Greg Sydney Tramway Museum Loftus I am pleased to endorse the SSEC Vision for Transport.
17.03.03 Carle, Maire CARTS Gymea I agree with some of these suggestions wholeheartedly.
17.03.03 Baluk, G. Miranda Precinct Resident's Association Miranda Miranda is locked into a grid of major roads carrying heavy traffic, polluting our air. Run-off from roads degrades biodiversity in our catchments, creeks and waterways. Rail services are inadequate in competing with the car and feeder services infrequent.
18.03.03 Bursil, Les     I have read and understood your vision for an improved and integrated plan for mass transport for the Illawarra area. I agree. However, some consideration must be given to improve parking or bike minding facilities at stations so that people like me who live a long way from a station can get to the station by car/bike? or subsidise and improve bus networks and timetables so that I can bus to the station without it costing me $20 or $30 a week extra.
19.03.03 Atkins, John Botany Bay Environmental Education Centre Caringbah I fully endorse the need for a comprehensive and immediate development of a public transport strategy for Sydney. Maintaining our urban environment and quality of life will be impossible it we continue to rely on motor vehicles as our principal mode of transport.
19.03.03 Staples, Joan Save Botany Beach    
Apr-03 Martin, Paul Profit Foundation Bundeena  
07.05.03 Rusterholz, Ernst   Jannali I endorse this document and urge all relevant authorities to immediately begin the process of preparing a strategy for its implementation. I urge the authorities to address all options available to solve the ever growing public transport problems facing the residents living in the Southern Regions of Sydney. The recent rapid development of the regions south of Wollongong will have a huge impact on the public transport needs into the Sydney regions and will require an efficient and comprehensive public transport system to discourage the use of the motor vehicle.
08.05.03 Westcott, Rob   Bundeena Clearly traffic has increased of recent years on many traffic ways laid out when traffic levels were at half today's loads, or less. Equally clearly therefore the overall problem needs to be addressed - long overdue!
08.05.03 Knight, George   Kirrawee Put back thr right hand turn into Acacia Rd for traffic travelling east on President Ave, it would make a lot of difference to the residents of Wannyl Rd Kirrawee as this is the only right hand turn between Acacia Rd & Oak Rd Kirrawee & motorists by the dozen use it all day every day to get back onto President Ave and make a left hand turn onto Acacia Rd to go south.
08.05.03 Venn, B   Bundeena Transport, a co-ordination of people's abilities to freely, economically and safely move around is tantamount to social planning. Such strategies will protect environments for ever.
08.05.03 de Guingand, Nick   Caringbah I am sick and tired of seeing our area (Caringbah) suffer from the State Gov't's Urban Consolidation policy, and seeing no matching compensation with facilities like transport.
08.05.03 Connolly, Des   Loftus The People's Transport Vision presents a compelling strategy for the Southern Sydney & Wollongong Regions I strongly support this comprehensive plan to address the transport problems that are presently encountered & will increase markedly with the future development in this area. (separate letter also)
08.05.03 Cox, Andrew   Jannali More frequent, integrated public transport, combined with more safe routes for walking & cycling is strongly supported.
  Walsh, Phillipa   Jannali As above
08.05.03 Sams, Kim   Grays Point In peak hours (am & pm) you need to put on a few trains that just do City-Sutherland, thence all to Cronulla (& vice versa). There are enough trains to cater for the Sutherland-Rockdale sector already. The Cronulla trains are hot, stuffy, cramped and unhygenic. Also, more parking needed at Sutherland station.
12.05.03 Haenke, H.M.   Caringbah
12.05.03 Bradshaw, Barry   Maianbar Do well for our area. Look after it. Be proud of what you could do.
12.05.03 Priceman, Michael PANR Engadine I should like to endorse the People's Transport Vision and commend the way that it has been presented. It has obviously taken a tremendous effort to produce such a document.   May I add some thoughts on the subject? I live in Engadine where public transport it limited. As an instance, if I want to slip down to Miranda Fair I need a bus and two trains each way. The time involved would be at least 3 times longer than if I had taken the 15 minute drive by car. There is a great incentive to drive. The main problem is the infrequency of the bus connection.   The buses used are full size and, whilst they may be filled at peak times, including for schoolchildren, they rarely hold more than 3 passengers at other times. Why don't the bus companies consider mini buses? In Indonesian, Malaysia, Thailand, Vanuatu and England they are widely used. Cost is obviously a factor.   Also, a visit to Edinburgh recently brings back memories of fleets of well filled buses servicing the needs of its population. They were all double decked. The city does not have - or need - a local rail service.   I hope that the Vision is taken up by the State Government soon.
13.05.03 Simpson, P & V   Caringbah Letter in file
13.05.03 Dowling, A   Caringbah I especially endorse the encouragement & planning for the greater use of bicycles for transport to and from places of work. More attention needs to be paid to having all roads accessible to cars for driving as opposed to parking (on the side of the road), i.e. have no parking on the left sode of roads.
13.05.03 Myles, Val   Cronulla  
13.05.03 Hodges, Ian   Burrill Lake Bicycles are potential feeders to rail commuting. Covered bike park sheds with racks are needed at rail stations. Existing cycle ways are dangerous - where they suddenly cease as they do on Princes Hwy at Engadine and then resume. Severe penalties should be imposed on motorists who impinge on cycleways - cyclists cannot share lanes with motorists when the lanes are marked with cycle signs. The Kingsway needs a cycle path to serve school children.
13.05.03 Winkler, Jo   Bexley  
13.05.03 Vlamitsopoulos, J   Cronulla It's time to move away from traditional forms of transportation, towards more environmentally sustainable transport. Do all you can to make this vision a reality.
14.05.03 Yallop, Donna   Loftus I like the option (ii) of Box 3. Also, the Bay Light Express sounds great, but it won't work if it is going to be expensive like the airport line. I know so many people who could catch the train to Green Square but they would rather drive than pay the cost. I also love the idea of a southern zone travel pass & have often brought this idea up with people.
14.05.03 Ritchard, Robert   Kirrawee This is long overdue and should be planned and implemented as soon as possible.
14.05.03 Martin, Leigh TEC City TEC is happy to endorse the Vision as it is entirely consistent with what we are seeking on public transport.
22.05.03 Timilty, John   Dolans Bay A start can be made by a NSW government declaration of policy banning ALL future road building + "improvements" whether public or privately funded and the down-grading of the RTA to a maintenance function only as a subsidiary of a Dept of Surface Transport. (I can dream can I not?)
23.05.03 Nicholls, Sandra   Kirrawee Make our suburbs safer by encouraging people out of their cars with better and safer public transport.
23.05.03 Johansen, Greg   Miranda
29.05.03 Isles, S & D.V.   Kirrawee Letter in file
29.05.03 Saunders, Graham & Marina   Cronulla A serious start must be made to public transport to enable it to be more attractive than the automobile. Improvements have a long lead time. It is imperative that work beings now.
29.05.03 Abbott, A   Kirrawee Duplication of rail link from Sutherland to Cronulla, 20 minute service, longer carriages in peak hour and a lift in Gymea & Kirrawee where a lot of elderly reside and another 120 units (retirees) opening soon at Kirrawee.
29.05.03 Paterson, A.V.   Miranda Endorse strongly point six in providing greater bicycle and pedestrian access. This would also give greater wheelchair, etc access.
29.05.03 Burnham, Barbara   Gymea Bay A very worthwhile initiative, the problems are obvious. Solutions or progress towards improvement should find open support.
05.06.03 Doig, Jonathan   Gymea Bay I endorse the People's Vision for Transport for the Southern Sydney and Wollongong Region, and urge local and state governments to immediately begin preparing a strategy to implement it. Letter encl.
10.06.03 Roberts, Susan   Panania Particularly I am disappointed at the way housing developments mushroom, without prior consideration to appropriate and adequate infrastructure (roads; transport - a variety of transport options apart from the car; community facilities etc.).
10.06.03 Petris, G   Illawong Supervise the bus timetable/routes in the Menai/Illawong/Padstow/Sutherland of the bus company Connex. Fast track the Bangor Bypass and the extension of the lanes on Alfords Point Bridge.
10.06.03 Renshall, Shirley   Caringbah I do hope the ten elements that this document highlights as being necessary inclusions in any future strategy are taken on board by all the relevant authorities - I take this opportunity to thank SSEC for their great work regarding this very important transport situation.
8.07.03 Zeibots, Ruth   Bangor Public transport in the Menai area to Sutherland rail still could be improved. I.e. Digital timetabling at major Bus stops in the short-term; light rail from Bankstown to Sutherland in the long-term.
16.07.03 Lauder, Tom   Gymea Bay All planning to be for the prime benefit of residents, those living in the Sutherland Shire and the Wollongong region generally. The concerns of business and developers to be of a secondary nature at all times.
  Phipps, Aileen   Oyster Bay Our area suffers from insufficient public transport resulting in too much reliance on the motor car which in turn is bad for our health and the environment.
  Cam, Yoko   Gymea I thank you for your effort towards these matters. I am totally agreeable to the plan.
  Haenke, H.M.   Caringbah Congratualtions on the work put into this excellent presentation. Good luck with its acceptance/implementation.
  Heather, Dolores   Jannali I wholeheartedly support this vision. The most urgent need this shire has is to address our transport problems. Lessen our reliance on the motor vehicle.
  Mutton, Del   Cronulla With high technology available there is no reason why public transport cannot be provided without buses and trains being empty half the time. A booking centre using phones and fax can be provided together with small vehicles to pick up people when they're needed.
  McLaughlin, F.   Heathcote This document highlights the need for regular examinations of transport needs in the Shire.
  Peters, Elizabeth   Cronulla A thorough and well-researched document. I hope it will make an impact.
  Coates, Geoff   Caringbah The importance of public transport (taxis are part of it) has been ignored by Government. Government must remain the regulator and de-regulation should never be considered. I have driven Sydney taxis for 42 years and am a delegate of Transport Workers Union (T.W.V. NSW Branch)
  Flowers, Joan   Engadine Upgrade of existing heavy rail infrastructure. Increased frequency of public transport availability. Design of roads and intersections to give priority access to buses.
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