Introduction: Football or Development?

THIS IS THE STORY of a Shire football club that has performed independently and well for over 30 years, proudly financial, proudly improving its clubrooms and its 'Shark Park' facilities.

But now the spirit is changing. Today's Club Board wants to build, mainly over the carpark, a huge residential/hotel/conference/retail complex which it thinks will net it some millions of dollars.

We are obliged to offer 5 STRONG OBJECTIONS to the proposal:
  1. It opens the Kurnell Peninsula to huge, unwanted residential development,
  2. It contradicts the Shire Council's opposition to 'overdevelopment',
  3. It involves increased car-dependence and traffic congestion,
  4. It threatens major environmental and health problems, and
  5. It is a thoroughly inappropriate development.

Should Sharks football club become a major residential developer?
Should it build a 'gross overdevelopment' on its carpark,
along the edge of environmentally sensitive Woolooware Bay?