Implications: Council and Government can't possibly give consent

Dear Shire Resident:
If your local councillor votes against the Sharks Proposal, be assured he or she is doing so from a sense of responsibility founded on the many reasons given above, and here briefly recapitulated...
  1. The Proposal would set a disastrous precedent, opening historic Kurnell Peninsula to largescale residential development which Council and community have long and successfully resisted.
  2. As a "210 Proposal", it contradicts the Shire community's opposition to overdevelopment and inappropriate development.
  3. It would worsen the traffic problems of Woolooware-North Cronulla-Kurnell.
  4. It would inflict environmental damage on Woolooware Bay and Botany Bay.
  5. It would signal the triumph of the money-driven, Murdoch-influenced NRL competition over the genuine sporting spirit of the past 35 years.
Questions residents are asking. In sampling Shire residents' opinions for this website, we have found half a dozen questions repeatedly raised:
  • Should a business sell off its assets to achieve a short-term gain?
  • Wasn't this land sold cheaply by the Shire to a rugby league club solely with sporting and club uses in mind?
  • Isn't the site part of the sensitive Botany Bay catchment and therefore deserving of extra special environmental care?
  • Does anyone seriously believe such a large residential complex won't impact adversely on the Bay which is right beside it?
  • Won't the 210 units, 60 hotel suites, etc. introduce a traffic-congesting element into the precious North Cronulla sporting area of playing fields, golfcourses and nearby beaches?
  • Isn't this sports club, in a relatively remote location, getting into perilous financial water with a complex that will be hugely expensive to build and unlikely to return anything like a bonanza in today's falling property market?
Remember, the 30 year old "Shark Park" grounds-and-club are the envy of other NRL clubs - three playing fields, club premises, and parking, all together beside a beautiful waterway. Ideal. One of the proudest icons in the Shire's heritage! To sell part of it off for short-term funding at just this point in the ever-changing evolution of Rugby League will produce a bitter long-term regret. (Recall the selling off in the 1930s of the nearby sandhills?) Remember the great assets the Club has now...
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