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Shorebirds of Southern Sydney

Wednesday 13 October, 7pm - Join us for an evening webinar to learn about the migratory shorebirds of Southern Sydney. At this time of year migratory shorebirds can be seen in Southern Sydney at the Towra Point Nature Reserve Ramsar site, as well as in areas along the Georges River and Port Hacking. These birds have travelled thousands of kilometres, across multiple continents, over many days to reach our local shores. They are incredible birds with astounding stories of survival against the odds. These birds are currently feeding and resting in our beautiful local estuaries.

Migratory shorebird experts Debbie Andrew and Julie Keating will talk to us about the shorebird journeys and how we can all help protect them.


Port Hacking Shorebirds

Wednesday 24 November, 7:15pm, another shorebirds presentation, an opportunity to learn more about their habits and behaviour.
The speakers are Elisabeth Dark and Cathy Goswell from Birdlife Southern NSW, and the presentation is hosted by the National Parks Association Southern Sydney Branch.
Cathy will draw on her extensive experience to talk about Port Hacking bird species and their behaviours, and Elisabeth will talk about the habits, challenges and benefit to the ecosystem of migratory birds such as the Eastern Curlew. Join the zoom meeting at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start.


End of year picnic!

It’s the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre catch up picnic, 30 year anniversary, and end of year celebration! Sunday 5 December from 11am to around 3pm

UPDATE: with the wet weather we’ll be meeting in the undercover area next to Audley cafe

There are bbq's, picnic tables, and toilets.
Please save the date!  We'd love all our friends and supporters to join us!

(SOLD OUT) Invisible Connections Tour: Shorebirds of Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour, Kurnell, New South Wales, Australia Boat Harbour, Kurnell, nsw, Australia

(SOLD OUT) Friday 18 February, 9:30am.
The amazing journeys which take migratory shorebirds from one end of the earth to the other and back every year is one of nature’s greatest stories. This talk and tour is all about shorebirds, their migration, phenotypic change, feeding ecology and how they bring together the ecologies of the Earth.


Turtle Rescue and Saving Wildlife from Urbanisation

One for the diary - 22 February - the National Parks Association Southern Sydney Branch will be hosting a free zoom meeting on conservation issues with Kane Durrant - respected reptile expert, snake catcher, and dedicated wildlife conservationist.
Kane will talk about his work as an operating partner with Turtle Rescues NSW. When dams are dewatered at development sites, with the animals left homeless, Kane and the Turtles Rescue team capture and release them into suitable habitats in the wild, taking in any injured animals that require care.


Wildlife crossings for the Royal National Park and Heathcote Road – 5 April

If you've ever been curious about wildlife corridors, and wondered what all the fuss is about, now is your chance to find out. Tuesday, 5 April.
Do animals use them?  What about all the koalas being killed on our roads?  Can wildlife crossings make a difference?  Could they help animals survive fires like we had in 1994? Two leading experts on wildlife corridors will share their insights, and respond to questions in this upcoming webinar.
Millions have been spent on wildlife crossing elsewhere across Australia.  If one of Australia's best loved National Parks has wildlife corridors will this help stop some animals in the park from becoming extinct?


(SOLD OUT) Little Brown Birds Tour: Royal National Park

Royal National Park, NSW

(SOLD OUT) Friday 15 April, 7:15am.
Often overlooked or a source of confusion for bird watchers, the tiny insectivorous birds of the thornbill, gerygone, scrubwren, heathwren and fairy-wren clades are major players in forest, heath and woodland ecologies. Learn about the ecology of and identification of these birds in the beautiful Royal National Park.


Book launch: Georges River Blues, Swamps, Mangroves and Resident Action, 1945–1980

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre 782 Kingsway, Gymea, NSW, Australia

What does it take to save a threatened area, when others don't understand the importance of complex, interconnected ecosystems? What can everyday local people do? Please join us @ Hazelhurst Gallery on 24 April for the launch of Heather Goodall’s insightful book on environmental advocacy and the Georges River. Co-hosted by Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society.
Speakers include Chris Gambian from the Nature Conservation Council.

The launch is free and all are welcome. We are meeting in Hazelhurst cafe from 12.30pm, and the launch will start from 2pm. Seating is limited, so please confirm your attendance prior.


Dragons of the Komodo Islands 27 April, on zoom 

Islands in Indonesia and their legendary Komodo Dragons presented by Ross Jeffree, the National Parks Association's representative on the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas.
Learn about the dragons family tree, their predatory capabilities and notable human victims. Plus other regional delights such as snorkelling with the smartest fish in the sea and a visit to the Hobbit’s Cave on Flores.


SO Shire & Boomerang Bags Plastic bag ban celebration

For the diary - a lovely event to celebrate the new legislation to ban some single use plastics and plastic bags!

Please join help us celebrate and recognise the work of the people involved in the Boomerang Bags initiative. Among other activities there will be a sew your own Boomerang bag workshop and demonstration. All welcome!

1 June, 6-8pm, at Studio Wildfire at Engadine.


Song and Dance Tour: Lyrebird breeding season in the Royal National Park

Royal National Park, NSW

Friday 3 June, 7:15am.
This tour celebrates Lyrebird breeding season and the amazing forces of sexual selection. The tour begins with a talk on lyrebirds, their song, dance, ecology and biology. This is an opportunity see the Superb Lyrebird at its finest and witness some of the most iconic scenes in the world of nature.


Too Precious To Lose

Hurstville Museum and Gallery

From now until 19 June Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society would like to share with you photos of the biodiversity that makes our bushland so rich and special - the beautiful, unusual and often overlooked plants and animals that live around the Georges River.
The exhibition is free and all are welcome.


Bundeena Maianbar Sustainability Expo

Bundeena Community Centre 17-37 Liverpool Street, Bundeena, NSW, Australia

On Saturday 25 June, between 10am - 3pm the Bundeena Maianbar Sustainability Expo will showcase how individuals and a local community are striving to live more sustainably and protect our beautiful natural environment. There will be talks, demonstrations, and hands-on activities on everything sustainable.
Quite a few Sutherland Shire Environment Centre members will be participating in this events, giving talks, and we'll be having a stall there. We hope you can come along!

Envoy Shark Cull, the documentary

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre 782 Kingsway, Gymea, NSW, Australia

Off the beautiful beaches, and amongst breathtaking coral reefs of Australia lurks a deadly and indiscriminate killer.
Its thirst for blood kills 1000s each and every year. It lies in wait day after day for innocent victims to swim right into its mouth. It’s not sharks.

It’s the Government Shark Control Program.

Please join us at Hazelhurst Gallery at Gymea on Saturday, 10 September to watch this important documentary about why we need deep water mesh shark nets in NSW removed.

The screening is free and all are welcome.

Birds and the Bees Tour: Curra Moors, Royal National Park

Royal National Park, NSW

Friday 16 September, 7:15am.
Explore the birds of our coastal heath amid one of the finest flowering events on Earth. The beauty and diversity of early spring flowers on Curra Moors is intoxicating. This walk will begin through a dry sclerophyll ridge-top woodland with heathy understorey before entering the vast expanse of complex heath on Curra Moors in the Royal National Park. Our target birds are Southern Emu-wren, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Variegated Fairy-wren, Beautiful Firetail and Tawny-crowned Honeyeater. On the way we’ll meet many other favourites and make new friends too!