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Festival of the fairy-wren Tour: Greenhills Reserve

Greenhills Reserve North end of Don Lucas Reserve, Cronulla, NSW

Friday 7 October, 7:15am.
The dune ecology of Greenhills Reserve is one of the great environmental gems of Cronulla. Join bird expert and educator, Ricki Coughlan, to explore and be astounded by the fascinating bird life, plants and reptiles which thrive in this scrubby heath right on our doorstep.


Boat Harbour Shorebird Study Group October 11

Boat Harbour, Kurnell, New South Wales, Australia Boat Harbour, Kurnell, nsw

If you're keen to do something positive for the environment, please join this local group for hands on activities aiming to make a difference. We visit Boat Harbour on the south side of the Kurnell Peninsula every month, counting and recording the shorebirds roosting on the reef during high tide. All the data is shared with BirdLife Australia, The Australasian Wader Study Group, and eBird, making the results available to the entire birding and avian research community worldwide. 


Picnic for Nature, Sunday, 16 October

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre is teaming up with the Nature Conservation Council to support a Statewide Picnic for Nature!
Our picnic is being held at Fig Tree Flat at Audley in the Royal National Park, and this will be a great opportunity for our members to catch up. Everyone is welcome, so if you are keen this is a good chance to find out more about our campaigns and advocacy.
We'd like to continue to build a community which supports better environmental outcomes and a sustainable future for all of us.

If you're up for some exciting nature encounters you're also welcome to join our respected local field ornithologist and nature educator Ricki Coughlan for a bird watching tour along beautiful Lady Carrington Drive.

A Rainforest Calendar Tour: Royal National Park

Royal National Park, NSW

Friday 18 November, 7:15am.
Deep dive into nature’s year, or the seasons of the rainforest. We’ll meet the beautiful and fascinating butterflies and birds which express the changing of the seasons in our local rainforests and ponder the relevance of the seasons on a calendar based on astronomical observations made by humans in Europe. This tour, led by bird expert and educator Ricki Coughlan, will be timed with the courtship of Satin Bowerbirds and nesting of the migratory Black-faced Monarch and sedentary Brown Gerygones, Yellow-throated Scrubwrens and Green Catbirds along with the fruiting of the forest and emergence of the beautiful male Wonder Brown butterflies.