Congratulations Loaf Sandwiches – finalist – Sutherland Shire Environment Centre’s 2018 Sustainability Award

Congratulations to the team at Loaf Sandwiches for being a finalist in in the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre’s Sustainability Award, presented at the Local Business Awards on 22 August.

We love the great initiatives LOAF is taking that contribute to environmental sustainability.

  • LOAF sells reusable cups and was the first café in Cronulla to offer discounts to customers for bringing their own cup.-
  • It uses paper bags rather than plastic & is in the process of doing away with plastic straws.
  • They use environmentally- and socially-responsible Who Gives a Crap toilet paper.
  • It uses local ingredients, many of them organic.
  • Staff ride or carpool to work to avoid.

You can see more about Loaf Sandwiches here

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