A new community energy campaign

Sunny Shire is a new community energy campaign in the Sutherland Shire.

We want to help the Sutherland Shire community get the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency such as cost savings, self-reliance, resilience and lower impact on our environment.

How will we do this? We hope to kick start many activities that enable our community to get the most of the clean energy transition that is now underway. This may include advocacy, crowd funding, group buying and events.

Would you like to help or join? Or just stay in touch? Please get in touch.

For more information about Community Energy and other Community Energy Projects around Australia and Internationally, please check out these website:

  • http://www.communitypower.org.au/
  • http://cpagency.org.au/
  • http://www.embark.com.au/

Sunny Shire is proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, helping the Sutherland Shire community to protect and care for the environment since 1991.

About Sunny Shire

Community Energy concentrates on clean energy solutions for our local community. It empowers people to take action by promoting an increase in clean energy including, renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency. Community energy groups can play a variety of roles, from advocates and promoters of clean energy, to developers and owners of clean energy projects. Sunny Shire aims to bring community energy to the Sutherland Shire. This could: * Increase the amount of renewable energy in Sutherland Shire * Save households and business money through reduced electricity bills, strengthening the local economy * Increase energy independence and self reliance * Help shire residents and businesses better understand energy and our electricity market

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