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Coal Seam Gas –A Summary of Impacts

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This document provides a summary of the impacts of coal seam gas. Further information and links are available through the Stop CSG! Sutherland website

Threats to Water

Mining coal seam gas (CSG) draws contaminated water out of the ground and damages aquifers that we rely on for our drinking more…

Money DOES Grow on Trees! Discussing a green economy.

Title:Money DOES Grow on Trees! Discussing a green economy.Location:Multipurpose Centre –123 Flora Street,SutherlandLink out:Click hereDescription:Professor of Political Economy,Frank Stilwell,and NSW representative to the Australian Greens Economic policy committee,Matthew Drake-Brockman,speak on issues relating to a sustainable economy. • What is meant by ‘economy’ • more…

NSW “Planning Act Review” Forum

Title:NSW “Planning Act Review” ForumLocation:Sutherland United Services ClubDescription:Sutherland forums will be held on Tuesday 8 November,at Sutherland United Services Club. Preliminary submissions due Friday 4 November. The NSW planning system review is currently accepting submissions from all interested parties. Submissions for this first phase of the process must be received by more…

Stop The Sharks Development

Before and After,view from the east (publicly available image,

There is currently an application before the NSW Department of Planning to redevelop the Cronulla Sharks Site.

The proposal is a mix of new retail,commercial and residential buildings,as well as a redevelopment of the current Cronulla-Sutherland Leagues Club.

A very good more…